We love doing radio, especially with clients who get our sense of humour. And when we worked on Wendy's we got to assemble a really great cast of characters. The we used our ensemble over and over. It allowed us to play in our own made-up world and find oddball ways to connect with a pretty cynical audience. We love radio because it actually works. Wendy's saw a lift in sales every time we ran radio. So, they let us do it over and over.

The lead writer for this collection of radio spots was Aaron Woolfson. Rob Ramsey wrote "Get Right Outta Town." Some of the ads feature the voice talent of Christian Potenza (who makes everything funnier) and Meghan Hoople. Most of the spots were produced by the great people at Pirate Radio and directed by Tom Eymudson or Tom Goudie. The Poutition work was produced at Duschamps Recording Studio by Kim Burton. And we can't do a roll call without mentioning our longsuffering client service partner-in-crime who helped make each and every one of these spots possible... Auggie "Agamemnon" Senis. 

Did we mention we love radio? Because we really do.

Aaron Woolfson | Rob Ramsey | Marc Melanson | Sandy Cole | Nikki Dakul | Christian Potenza | Meghan Hoople | Brad Abrahmson | Jonothan Potts | Tom Eymudson | Tom Goudie | Kim Burton | Auggie Senis | Duncan Porter | Dave Stubbs