I helped car customers get Real Value


That's Real Value

One of Toyota’s greatest selling features is value. When you buy a Toyota, for a reasonable price, you know it is going to last. But what else factors into value? Customers want a vehicle that’s affordable, lasts a long time fits their lifestyle. They want a vehicle with plenty of standard features – like blind-spot monitors for safety, ample cargo room for adventures, plus exhilarating performance. And they want to buy it from a dealer who helps them through the buying process. That’s Real Value and exactly what we leveraged in the OTDA retail experience.

The Real Value initiative was more than just a one-off campaign. It was a communication platform that informed the messages, content, and type of media approach we created. For example, the OTDA is made up of dealers around the province. Each dealer has a specific catchment area that brings potential customers to their dealership. Our goal was to drive hand-raisers directly to dealers and help them winnow casual 'tire kickers'. To that end, we used highly targetted IAB, Facebook and Instagram ads to focus on key demographic profiles and geographic areas. The result was dealership traffic that was primed to buy and much deeper in the purchase funnel than previously seen. In a way, the Real Value brought value to consumers AND dealers, alike. And to me, that's real success.


Dave Stubbs | Duncan Porter | Sam Kates | Mario Gelleny | Megha Kumar