We got to work on chips!



When we got the assignment to redesign sunchips.com what they had was an elaborate Flash site – impressive, but really difficult to update. So we fixed it. We re-architected the site, simplified the user experience and allowed them to do quick, responsive updates. We also gave the presentation layer an extensive facelift with a much improved navigation system, including a 4-badge persistent panel to anchor each page. This dynamic area was designed to allow SunChips to expose key marketing messages and provide quick access to key areas of the site. We used 3D imagery to create a fresh, engaging look and the copy was simplified to deliver content in a short, digestible manner. In addition, we developed a backend system to support data collection, integration of marketing widgets and social media applications. Then we developed a marketing campaign to deliver against the Get Green initiative, and anchored it in the Get Green Facebook application - one of the first corporate "applications" on Facebook (this was a LONG time ago).

Dave Stubbs | Duncan Porter | Greg Bolton | Kate Bowen | Phil Bonnell | Jason Kahn | Jonas Naimark | Paul Reiss