I helped foster kids find loving, forever families


The story of i

Back when Wendy’s reached 100,000 Facebook fans we talking to the client about ways to thank our fans. The conversation got around to making a short video and someone mentioned it would be really nice to make a film about the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada someday. We ran with the idea. And created The Story of i.

We looked at a lot of adoption ads. They were pretty somber. We wanted to do something different and celebrate the adoption experience. We decided to share the joy that kids feel when they become part of a permanent, loving family. We wrote a poem and shared it with Grayson Matthews. They turned it into a song.

Then we sent the song to several animation houses to see if they wanted to be part of the project. Cadux and the Ebeling Group said, “yes!” and together we made a film about a boy who's life is changed when he's adopted by family.

This project came to life as a result of the talent and generosity of Grayson Matthews, Cadux, and Mick Ebeling and The Ebeling Group. We are extremely grateful. Their contribution to this project will forever change the lives of countless foster children and families. If you like The Story of i we encourage you to share it. There are currently more than 30,000 Canadian children waiting for a permanent family.

Marc Melanson | Sarah Michener | Grayson Matthews | Cadu Macedo | Mick Ebeling & The Ebeling Group | Duncan Porter | Dave Stubbs