I helped bring change to the telco industry


You Deserve Better

Freedom Mobile was a small fringe wireless carrier struggling to gain traction with Canadian consumers. Plenty of effort had been made to communicate affordability but Freedom simply couldn't break through. They needed to stop relying on a discount message to trumpet their consumer benefit. They needed to talk about how the brand stands up for Canadians. And they needed to talk about what people get from Freedom that they don't get from the big guys.

We told Canadians that Freedom is here to change the telco industry and stand up against the unjust practices of Big Telco. We'd show Canadians there's a better way. We helped overhaul Freedom’s core products and services. We redid their entire brand identity. We brought in a celebrity spokesperson. And we created an integrated brand launch that shouted their bold mission from the rooftops.

The campaign gave Freedom Mobile a national spotlight with their message becoming a hot topic on talk radio and in print media across the country. Suddenly, everyone was again talking about how much Canadians pay for data. And Freedom was positioned as the consumer champion. Immediately, we saw an increase in store traffic, with lineups out the door! When the big three responded by matching the offers that Freedom had in market we knew our message hit a sweet spot. And in that way, we helped Freedom achieve an immediate increase in market share and repositioned the brand to go toe-to-toe with the major telcos in the Canadian market.



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