I ran for Camp Ooch


Camp Ooch / Sporting Life 10k

A few years ago McCann Canada won a competition held by Billy Bishop Airport to highlight the unique advertising opportunites at the airport. The agency used the opportunity to support Camp Oochigeas and the Sporting life 10k. We recreated the feeling of participating in the race from the front door to the departures lobby. 

“The Camp Ooch 0.9K Run” turned the tunnel into a charity run, with the “race” beginning at the exterior and continued through the tunnel. “Runners” were cheered on all the way to the finish line and, once they arrived in the departure lobby, they were encouraged to sign up for the real Sporting Life 10k run to support of Camp Oochigeas.

As an added bonus, we got to rebrand the race. We used "We Run for OOCH" on all the colloateral including the race shirt, signage and additional advertising.


Dave Stubbs | Duncan Porter | Jill Mack | Justin Turco