I created an automotive Q&A show


Toyota Talk

I created an automotive Q&A show on YouTube.

The Ontario Toyota Dealers' Association wanted a fresh and highly relevant way to engage with prospective car buyers. So we created a custom series of walk-around videos featuring real questions from real customers, for each Toyota vehicle. The Toyota Talk series gave dealers the valuable content they needed and allowed them to feature these videos on their own sites and use them in targetted social media campaigns.

We partnered with Rob Poulton of Shooting Brake Content to shoot 13 vehicles. The questions came from real customers. And each video was hosted by a real Toyota employee who gave a detailed overview of the features of each vehicle and answered each question in a clear and informative way, just like they'd do in person. We produced over 60 videos of various lengths (2:00+, :60, :30 and :10s versions) each optimized for online use. 


Dave Stubbs | Duncan Porter | Robert Poulton | Mario Gellany