I helped TD Bank
thank local heroes

TD Thanks You

I was part of a team at Diamond Integrated Marketing that helped turn banking into thanking. 

Diamond worked with TD Bank to get employees to nominate customers who were genuine hometown heroes. We celebrated those heroes and got TD Bank to provide additional funding for the causes they believe in. It helped these individuals continue to make a real difference in their communities - especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We created a series of YouTube mini-documentaries and used social media to spread the word. And seeing TD make a difference in the lives of real people is why consumers continue to love this campaign. TD Thanks You is a fantastic example of how marketing can do good for the world while bolstering a company's bottom line. I was proud to be part of the program.


Dave Stevenson | Darryl Graham | Will Fornuff | Taylor Childs | Andrew Stokes | Nipun Goomer | Andrew Mowbray