We designed a bicycle brand


Skeletta Bicycles

For an agency full of cyclists nothing could be more exciting than to help create a brand for a new bicycle company and design the look of their product line.

The brief from client was incredibly simple and came from their crystal clear vision for the product. These bicycles were high-end but stripped of the inflated prices that cyclists know all too well. The brand had to reflect this simplicity. This stripped down approach was our inspiration for the name Skeletta. We added an invocation for riders to “Just add muscle.” The look was just as lean and we went back to basics with a crisp, tone-on-tone black-on-matte look and finish. Minimal graphics. Stick font. A crisp, snappy logo. Everything stripped to the bone. When Skeletta rolled out it immediately attracted attention. The package was a winner, and sales went through the roof. In fact, Skeletta sold out of their first product line within days.

Mike Halminen | Troy McGuinness | Cam Boyd | Aric Guité | Westside Studios | Duncan Porter | Dave Stubbs