I helped find Canada's best rivals


Oldest Rivalry

In Canada, nothing sparks more arena arguments, dinner table debates, or living room battles, than hockey. And as proud sponsors of hockey’s oldest rivalry –The Toronto Maple Leafs and The Montreal Canadiens– MasterCard wanted to reward two ultimate rival fans with a priceless surprise. On Oct 8th, Toronto and Montreal were scheduled to face off at the Toronto home opener. It was the perfect time to ask fans about their own epic rivalries. Within hours we got the dirt from hundreds of fans. We invited ten rival pairs to join MasterCard for the home opener and put their rivalry to the test.

We created the world’s first Rivalry Recognition Technology – a groundbreaking “invention” that determined hockey fans’ rivalry index. One pair rose to the top - Maurizio and Cass. This father-daughter pair had never gone to an NHL game. MasterCard decided to make it priceless.

We enlisted two legendary rivals, Doug Gilmour and Guy Carbonneau, to keep Cass and Maurizio company. Doug and Guy showed up, hung out with them, and made sure they got an unbeatable view –in the exclusive between-the-bench seats. It was an epic evening. And even though Maurizio and Cass had the best seats in the house, they spent the whole night on their feet.

After opening night the press was crazy for how MasterCard Canada owned opening night. Marketing Magazine said, “Visa may be an official Canadian sponsor of the NHL, but it was MasterCard that won share of mind on opening night.” By delivering a genuine experience to cardholders, MasterCard demonstrated that it's the brand that understands hockey. And with 6.5 million estimated impressions from 947 Twitter mentions we'd have to agree.

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