We launched HD movies for TMN


TMN HD Movies.

Astral hired us to develop an online-focused campaign to launch their High Definition programming. Rather than simply creating marketing messages that shouted messages from the sideline, we developed a program to intercept a consumer where they were engaged with similar content, and then added value.

The “More HD” theme was developed by us and used across all media. A series of rich IAB ads featured an HD movie carousel that updated dynamically from the Astral server. We also created video ad units (with purpose-built movie trailers) and an HD Movie microsite that featured the entire library of HD Movie Network titles. The leading-edge microsite maked extensive use of Flash 10 to create a smooth and engaging 3D environment. This site was also deployed across affiliate and partner sites.

We worked with Media Experts to identify media/site partners who wanted to create unique campaign destinations within their sites, notably, Heavy.com and GorrillaNation. Heavy allowed us to develop a first-of-its-kind homepage zoom takeover, and embedded our HD Movie microsite in their HD movie trailers area, TMN sponsorsed of site content, a video channel and Heavy blog editorial content. A branded YouTube channel featured TMN HD movie trailers and exclusive online video content. A branded Facebook application functioned as a vote mechanism for applicants and as a free media placement imbedded in the target audience’s social network.

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