We made a magic machine


The Telus magic machine

When it comes to helping consumers find the right handset, the magic doesn’t happen on its own. Enter the Magic Machine – a simple tool to educate consumers and help them find the smartphone that’s right for them.

Our studio made extensive use of video, 3D, rich imagery techniques and audio to create a “magical” world and bring the campaign to life. Each time a user made a selection, they got a new video experience. It was all about holiday fun. And finding the perfect smartphone.

The Magic Machine narrative was initially proposed by the TV agency and shot as a series of ads. But we took the idea, created an extensive library of digital assets, and brought the story to life online. We created a 3D world that consumers could explore and experience in a tangible way. In addition we created a full backend retail solution that updated the site in real time and expanded the shopping cart functionality - to compensate for a lack of existing webservices.

The Magic Machine increased brand awareness and sales through the competitive Q4 holiday period. In a few critical weeks, over 1.3 million people visited the site. Not only did they spend an average time of 5 minutes engaged with the content, but they sent over a quarter million phone recommendations to their friends. And this we before Facebook and Twitter ever existed.

Duncan Porter | Jeremy Bell | Dave Stubbs | Peter Nitsch | Greg Bolton | Phil Bonnell | Jason Kahn | Jonas Naimark | Paul Reiss