I helped launch the BMW 1-Series


Not Everyone Gets 1T

When BMW Canada asked for us to help launch the 1-Series we created a program specifically geared to car-lovers who were ready to buy. The team at Teehan+Lax had deep experience in the automotive industry so we knew there were always ride-and-drive events that happen around the launch of a vehicle. Our campaign focused on finding a 'beta team' of test drive candidates. And the secret sauce of this campaign is that the beta team consisted of in-market, affluent, intenders who were ready to purchase AND lived in close proximity to a BMW dealership where the 1-Series vehicles would be available.

We created the “Not Everyone Gets 1T” campaign with a mysterious microsite, Facebook voting application, IAB display ads, Facebook ads, blogosphere PR and 4 national eBay charity auctions. The only way for someone to get a seat for one of the four regional events was to register, participate and hopefully, make the cut. Beta Team members were encouraged to collect interesting 1-Series links, have their friends help vote them into a seat. On the backend, we used the data we gathered to select in-market intenders that mapped directly onto the buyer profile established by BMW. 

This project demanded the smooth coordination of activities across a number of BMW vendors. Our group worked closely with Cundari and Blast Radius to ensure success. We were able to help BMW pre-sell their entire inventory of vehicles before they ever hit the sales lot. And that's success.



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