I launched a car like a mobile device 


Chevrolet Spark 

How do you introduce a new car to an audience that’s more interested the hottest new mobile device than they are in cars? That’s what Chevrolet asked us to solve for the launch the 2016 Spark.

We called it, "The Ultimate Mobile Device"

Spark features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to let you instantly connect a smartphone and access music, map and message apps with the power of your voice. We realized this feature would be relevant to our target audience. So, we decided to launch Spark just like a tech company would launch a new mobile device. We developed a mysterious tease campaign called, “The Ultimate Mobile Device” and put it where Snake People would see it - gigantic Spark boxes in malls, cryptic videos in Best Buy stores, restobar ads inside bars and nightclubs, on transit shelters, and of course, online.


WINNER: 2017 Effies

Gold - Automotive-Vehicle

Gold - Brand Experience




Word spread as we counted down to the big reveal. And we hired Canadian tech celebrities to do a public unboxing - live-streamed on YouTube and Periscope. We partnered with Best Buy and put the Spark inside their stores where we let people try Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for themselves and discover why Spark is The Ultimate Mobile Device. 




​The campaign exceeded our expectations… and generated over a million views on YouTube, almost 250,000 website views, and #SparkMobile trended on Twitter, exceeded only by #DonaldTrump. Best of all, vehicle sales significantly over-indexed against aggressive forecasts (22% ahead of the goal). And all because we found an unexpected way to connect with snake people and showed them a reason to want a car.



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