We helped people make better cover photos


The Wind cover photo maker

WIND Mobile came to Canada in 2009 and by 2012 had become the fastest growing mobile provider in Canadian history, with over 500,000 subscribers. But, our research still showed that a key barrier to purchase was Canadians saying, “I don’t know anyone using WIND.” And that had to change.

To help strengthen WIND’s credibility in a crowded category we needed to tell consumers that their family, friends and co-workers – the people they know and trust - also use or support WIND. We created WINDimonials to let our existing customers be part of our advertising. They talked about why they love WIND and it demonstrated our people powered network. But we also wanted to take this approach online into social spaces – but how to do it?

Conveniently for us, Facebook had just introduced the Timeline with a large format cover photo at the top of every user’s page. So, we created the WIND Mobile Facebook Cover Photo Maker to let people update their Facebook cover photo directly from their Android smartphone. We included special event and seasonal theme packs to help them customize their photos. And, when they used our LOVE WIND theme pack - and their photo was used as the WIND cover photo of the day– they won prizes, like WIND smartphones. When these photos were uploaded to Facebook they were seen by the users’ friends and family. And WIND Mobile got brand exposure each time someone used the app.

The results were impressive. The Facebook Cover Photo Maker has been installed on thousands of Android devices each month. And with seasonal updates of new photo treatments, there’s no slowdown in sight. Sixty-six percent of all downloads are on competitive carriers – and 1 in 6 installs are on Big Three devices – giving WIND Mobile brand visibility directly on their competitor’s devices. Best of all, we made it clear to thousands of Canadians that their friends, co-workers and family members use WIND Mobile.

Duncan Porter | Dave Stubbs | ClearRoute