I helped Chevrolet set a Guinness world record


Power of play

I'm a Guinness World Record holder. That's right, the book we used to read when we were kids… I'm in it. Achievement unlocked.

I created an epic installation at the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. It featured the world’s longest hand-made slot car track and a giant Volt battery tower. De-commissioned Volt car batteries powered the entire 1,200’ track as part of a “second-life” project developed by Chevrolet engineers. Bicycles were connected to the track and the battery. When people pedaled the bikes they generated power that was stored in the batteries and used to move the cars around the track. The faster someone pedaled, the faster each car went. It didn’t take long before people realized what we were doing, and started to call it the “unofficial 37th sport of the games.”



In just 15 days, over 300,000 people visited the exhibit. And 94% of them said that it was “so unexpected and so cool,” it completely shattered their expectations. In fact, during exit interviews two-thirds of the visitors said they’d now consider a Chevrolet vehicle. As you’d expect people enthusiastically shared what they saw - on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. But even we were surprised with how much they shared. Chevrolet’s share of voice skyrocketed to a 56% share in the automotive category.

That’s what happens when you do more than just shout product messages. It happens when you make something relevant and connects with people in a meaningful way. And for Chevrolet, it helped change the way millions of people think about the brand. 

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