We made a delicious game to sell a burger


Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese. The Game.

In the Fall of 2012 Wendy’s answered the request of thousands of Facebook fans and brought back one of their all-time favourite sandwiches… the Bacon Mushroom Melt. But this time they added Portabella mushrooms. Bacon. Mushroom. Cheese – it was a match made in cheeseburger heaven. And the perfect platform for a whole lot of Facebook fun.

So, we created a game called Bacon Mushroom Cheese The Game – a delicious spin on the schoolyard classic rock, paper, scissors! Bacon beat mushroom. Mushroom beat cheese. Cheese beat bacon. And everyone won!* We let Facebook fans challenge their friends for a chance to win a year of free cheeseburgers. And each week we gave away tons of gift cards. Wendy's fans loved it.

In 6 short weeks, over 50,000 games were played. Two fans recorded a staggering 2,000+ games each. The game drove a 50% increase in Facebook fans to way over 125,000 fans. In fact, new likes went from 157 to an average of almost a thousand per day. Unique page views also soared, from 121 to over 1,000 per day.

As for the success of the program, well, we’re told that demand for the Portabella Bacon Mushroom Melt went absolutely crazy… Wendy’s had to order more ingredients just to keep up. They eventually ran out. And thanks to Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese The Game we now know that Bacon is THE most popular ingredient – but between us… we pretty much knew that already.

*By "won" we mean in a "you're awesome" kind of way. Whether or not someone actually won was for the lawyers to decide.

Kevin Englisch | Duncan Porter | Dave Stubbs