I helped Ontarians see improvements in their community



The backbone of the BuildOn campaign came from the strategic insight that Ontarians care about how infrastructure dollars are spent in their own community and less interested to learn about projects in other parts of the province. To that end, we developed a comprehensive content approach to demonstrate exactly what was being done in their neighbourhood. 

Over the course of four months our nimble team of content developers travelled the province in a massive effort to shoot 17 :30 second spots and photograph 80 Ministry of Infrastructure funded projects. Each micro-project was based on a specific region or city where infrastructure dollars were being spent. The content was then shared hyper-locally on social media down to key postal codes. Mid-flight, the campaign was adjusted and tuned to ensure that the right message reached the exact people at the right time. 


Dave Stubbs | Natalie Dyck | Ian Taylor | Robert Poulton | Christine Harron